Communications + Public Relations

With multi-language capacity and through our forward-thinking design capabilities, S+P LLC helps to make complex subjects easy to understand. It could be a dynamic new website, a brochure about your company’s services, an e-newsletter, a comprehensive annual report, a press release on your award-winning firm, a report on infrastructure or an article on the benefits of small business loans. Whatever your subject, S+P LLC brings a simple and inviting style to bring to life your multimedia writing and design needs.

Our services include:

  • Communications design
  • Branding and identity
  • Public relations and media campaigns and tools
  • Development and training

Working with Businesses

S+P promotes teamwork, collaboration and partnership and helps to build relationships and trust. As facilitator, S+P helps to improve structure and discipline to meetings, focus groups and round-table discussions; encourage and support participation and tap into team members’ potential; and create a sense of empowerment so team members contribute to the process. If you desire, S+P continues to monitor progress.

We also help small businesses and not-for-profit clients develop and deliver education and outreach. And we help federal agencies to strengthen partnerships with industry or improve communications with stakeholders.

S+P’s Joseph Rio is a contributing writer on professional communications and development on, a platform for Hispanics and the Latino legal community in the United States.