Professional + Success Coaching

S+P offers nearly 20 years of experience managing talent and advising professionals as they transition into new careers and adapt their abilities. The ability to get your message across to others is an essential skill for the professional or just about anyone wanting to make a difference.

Individuals receive personalized success coaching on:

  • Networking
  • Presentation and interview skills
  • Professional development
  • Career changes

Working with Individuals

S+P helps you to improve your confidence to meet your goals. After an initial consultation and survey response, we discuss your coaching needs or job aspirations via phone. We continue working together to brainstorm ideas about potential and careers, including discussing alternative formats for resumes or matching with industry experts.

Perhaps you simply prefer one of our experts to provide insight into your existing resume. We can offer a comprehensive email critique of your resume. No changes will be made to your resume. Or perhaps you want to prepare for a speaking engagement and would like help to enhance your presentation. In a confidential setting, S+P uses one-to-one coaching to help you identify your interpersonal strengths and weaknesses and improve your influencing skills. S+P LLC is a certified coaching and mediation service provider.

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